Marketing is no longer a luxury for small to medium sized firms but a necessity. In some areas of work (ie; crime), there may be a steady stream of work from duty sources that can be relied upon.  But it is rarely enough; and in other areas of law, this route doesn’t exist at all.

It may be that you have excellent networks and are able to generate new client enquiries. How you present yourself online in terms of your website and on social media (where others can control the narrative) is crucial. A poor online presence may undermine your hard work, resulting in a low conversion rate of enquiries to clients and/or a poor retention of clients, and low ‘word of mouth’ referrals – the life blood of most practices.

RockMS can help you avoid these costly (both in terms of lost opportunities and reputational damage) errors in as number of ways.


There is a myriad of self-build tools available, which appear to make creating a website easy. But it  is particularly easy to build a poor website and give an equally poor impression of your firm, plus create unnecessary risks to your practice in terms of the SRA’s regulatory requirements. Recent updates issued by the SRA show that they are likely to take stronger disciplinary action against non-compliant firms.

RockMS can help you avoid these pitfalls. Working to an agreed budget, we can provide:

  • a template which will give you a standard set of web pages and ensure that you meet your regulatory obligations
  • advice on content with regards to text and suitable imagery
  • training on how to maintain your website and keep it up to date.

If you are after something more bespoke; then our entire marketing team is available to help you make an even greater impact on your audience with tailored graphic design, advice on search engine optimisation and ongoing support.

Social media

It may seem ambitious to think of using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram in terms of having a marketing strategy to reach different segments of potential clients; but it also might be the key to truly setting you apart from your competitors. Creating an effective social media strategy requires a clear understanding of who you are trying to reach and why. Then it requires an understanding of the best content needed to attract attention, and the most cost-effective means of doing so.

We can guide you through this process, including advising on some of the tools built into social media platforms to help automate the production of some of your content.


There are areas of the law and areas of the country where it might be difficult to obtain a listing in the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners legal directories, because of the competition from larger or more specialist firms. However, in some areas it is possible to become ranked, if you understand what the directories are looking for and how best to present your firm.

RockMS can guide you on the directory process, starting by identifying the feasibility of being ranked, and helping with the submission of information, if required.

We can help enhance your online presence, increasing your visibility, enquiries and your conversion rate of enquiries to clients.