There is an increasing disconnect in the world of small and medium-sized law firms, particularly those that are committed to publicly funded work. Many firms feel a deep connection with their clients and communities. The lawyers want to focus on supporting people in their time of need and having the satisfaction of a job well done at the end of a case.

But this is becoming harder to do in a world where there is a deluge of external regulation and compliance requirements. These obligations mean that the process of managing even a smaller law firm, is a full-time job.

Firms face the requirements of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Legal Aid Agency, Information Commissioner, the quality assurance processes required for Lexcel/SQM, the day-to-day management of financial ledger entries, banking, and employment contracts. We could go on.

RockMS connects your two worlds. Because, other than the client-facing work that you want to do – we can handle everything else.

How do we do it?

RockMS is not just here to support and advise you. We are here to do things for you as well. We can help you at the start; to set up your firm, get regulated, get quality accredited, and tender for Legal Aid work.

We can help you to shape how you want to work – using case management, practice management, cyber security, cloud services. We can help you in the good times; with contracts for new staff, reporting on profits, or expanding into new areas of law. We can also help you with the bad stuff; SRA/Legal Aid audits, complaints, or data breaches.

But, more importantly, we can take away the management time, cost and worry involved in running an efficient and compliant business. By outsourcing your business and administrative needs to RockMS, you can focus on what you do best – ensuring the best outcomes for your clients.

If there is something that you don’t want to do – we can do it for you. If there is something you do want to do, but that you need assistance – we can help you.

What does it cost?

RockMS pricing is based on the different needs of our clients. We have a full-service package; where you can access all the management services outlined on this website. In this case, we can share the risk of your practice with you, by fixing our charges to a percentage of your turnover. This means that start-ups can benefit from the full range of our services from day one, but only incur charges that they can afford based on cash coming into the business. Or, if you would rather just pay a fixed monthly charge, we can do that too.

Or you can choose from just some of our range of services, in which case, we can discuss and agree charges based on what you use. The key thing to us is transparency – you let us know what you need and we will provide you with itemised monthly bills showing just what you’ve received.

RockMS connects your two worlds. You can focus on your client-facing work and we can handle everything else.