All law firms should regularly review the use of IT that is central to their operations. Some areas of law have remained stubbornly resistant to the need to migrate from paper to digital. Now documents are rarely transported in physical format and lawyers have had to get used to working purely from electronic files.

And technology has not just affected the way lawyers work. Client behaviours have changed to match – with electronic means of meeting, reviewing, and signing off documents becoming accepted. But with enhanced useability comes increased risks.

Cyber-attacks have increased exponentially, and law firms are specific targets for ransomware attacks. Law firms have regulatory obligations relating to confidentiality, in addition to the stringent requirements of GDPR.

As technology changes ever more quickly, firms need to take advantage of the availability of new tools but need to understand how to use them properly to avoid creating massive risks.

RockMS can provide a comprehensive health check of your existing IT systems and accompanying processes and provide advice and assistance on every aspect of your firm’s IT requirement. This includes reviewing your approach to:

  • Cyber security – firewall, email and web filtering, encryption, end point protection
  • MS365 licensing – online/desktop versions
  • Domain and user management – such as Active Directory
  • Microsoft Exchange server management – including CJSM integration
  • Case management/practice management systems
  • Hardware specifications and sourcing – laptops, desktops, printers & scanners
  • Ongoing IT support
  • Web hosting

Whether it is ensuring your IT security, sourcing hardware at best value, configuring your network and devices – or even just ensuring that your policy documentation correctly reflects your set up (for SQM/Lexcel purposes), then we can help you. Our experienced team has honed their skills doing exactly this (and more) for law firms just like yours.

We can help you implement IT systems that are fit for purpose, ensure that they are obtained at best value, and can assist with your training and support needs, to enable you to get the maximum benefit from your IT investment.

RockMS can provide a comprehensive health-check of your existing IT systems and processes, and assist on every aspect of your firm’s IT requirements.