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Developed by a solicitor, designed for the work you do. Bedrock supports all standard functionality of running a law firm, including managing both office and client account ledgers for those undertaking work on a privately funded basis. Bedrock has been developed specifically to support the needs of legal aid practitioners; with a dedicated ‘best of breed’ workflow, even catering to Criminal Defence workflow requirements.

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Access every client and matter seamlessly

A modern, web-based user interface. Clean and highly responsive user experience for fast filtering, searching and access to the information you need, always at your fingertips.

“Bedrock is genuinely designed for the work we do.This means that we are gaining tangible time savings through automation and linking of appointments/tasks and email between Bedrock and MS 365.”

Freedom to work offline or online

Whether you are at a police station or otherwise ‘out in the field’, Bedrock provides the perfect solution allowing you to open matters and capture the data you need both online or offline. Bedrock provides a simple environment to create notes of attendances or preparatory work, and even automates some of the processes around opening matters and cases. The software incorporates time recording as a single input, rather than requiring you to create separate processes.

Streamline your workflow and Improve efficiency.

Save 375 hours
per year

per office in opening Police Station Files.

Save £5000
per year

per office in administration time.*

Save 50 mins
per day

saving case related emails to files – per fee earner. Thats over 180 hours per year

Automate emails and calendars through 365

Client emailing directly integrated into the case management environment - with full MS365 integration.

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Offline Mode:
Automate file opening no matter your location or connectivity.

Many case management software solutions are not intuitive when it comes to police station work. Fee Earners are expected to create a word document or even use paper to make notes of their attendance. These notes are usually forwarded to an admin team who enter the lengthy process of opening the matter.

Bedrock is built differently.

We’ve taken time to listen to fee earners who attend clients in environments like prisons or police station. As such, Bedrock provides offline support for fee earners to create Attendance Notes. You can capture all of the data in the offline environment whilst in attendance, save your progress, and upload it when you have an internet connection or time.

Whilst many solutions require the form to be completed in one sitting, Bedrock appreciates this is not always possible. The ‘Offline’ feature also provides the ability to create an attendance note in stages – allowing you to save progress, add more, save and edit as you wish.

When the Offline form is Uploaded, it will open the Matter and perform the other tasks currently done by the administrator.

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“With Rock the time savings that we have, having everything integrated in to one, is tremendous. We are able to produce so much more, be so much more effective with what we’re doing, and what we’re able to bill.”

Collaboration through Centralise Diary and Sharing Calendars.

Bedrock has a unique calendar sharing feature. There are a few reasons to use Calendars in the way that:

Bedrock enables:-

  1. Gain visibility on the work that needs to be allocated within a single office or court.
  2. Improve the visibility of team members with their own diaries; what is scheduled, and when.
  3. Provide a top-level view for who has done what. This helps a law firm meet their obligations to the LAA in confirming that all duty solicitors have done the required minimum number of attendances.
  4. Creating a list of all Court Attendances enables you to create a record of all the Attendance Notes that have been (or not have been) received.

The Status in the Bedrock Calendar can be updated to reflect when the Attendance Note from any particularly hearing has been received. The result is a list of outstanding Attendance Notes which can be chased by administrators. In Bedrock all these functions can be managed in one location. This prevents the need to separately administer individual diaries and shared calendars, lists of attendance notes to be collected, and lists of attendances undertaken by particular individuals.

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“Through Bedrock we have accessed Rock services for billing, financial management, HR management and IT support. Their phone system and call handling services are our next step to outsourcing all these services for a significantly lower cost than we were paying.”

Combined Finances with Case Management.

Criminal Defence Accountancy

In many systems, Case Management is a separate software to Finance Systems. They usually are integrated, but this limits the power of what you can find out in each system. With Bedrock, our CMS is combined with Financial software – so everything is in one place.

Bedrock software opening to Rock management services… delegate…control business.

It can be used by any law firm as a stand-alone system for the management of clients, matters and the firm’s finances. However, it is also designed as a vehicle to enable firms to reduce their overall practice management costs – by enabling Rock Management Services to deliver practice support through a simplified and unified process. Bedrock allows Rock to undertake firms’ billing, financial transactions, IT support, compliance support (including maintaining quality accreditation) case support for a fraction of the cost of employing internal staff.

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Key features at a glance.

  • Full Practice & Department configuration – including legal aid.
  • User Rights & Roles allocation – by defined templates or bespoke requirements.
  • Offline Mode – providing an ability to open, draft and save matters when you do not have an internet connection (e.g. police station or prison attendance).
  • Template Creator for the creation of practice specific template documents
  • User Management Module designed for HR process integrated directly within Bedrock CMS.
  • Staff Directory governed through relationship with User Management Module.
  • Client creation and management module.
  • Matter creation and management module, with bespoke workflows for key practice areas.
  • Matter workflows and intuitive procedures for:
    • Document production.
    • Matter/Email integration.
    • Full client and office account matter ledger access.
    • Attendance Notes/Telephone notes - combining text and time/expenses capture.
    • Matter level Tasks, Appointments, Time and Disbursements directly available from single matter view.
  • Contact & Supplier creation and management, including bespoke elements for key contacts (Police Stations, Courts, Prisons etc).
  • Client emailing directly integrated into the case management environment - with full MS365 integration.
  • Calendar/Tasks at practice and matter level, fully integrated with MS365.
  • Time/Disbursement module facilitating straight forward analysis on user, client or matter.
  • Fully integrated financial management module, including:
    • Nominal ledgers & management.
    • Matter & Non-Matter related supplier invoice posting/payment/credit.
  • Matter ledger management including payments, receipts and transfer between office and client account ledgers.
  • Expenses module for management & payment of user expenses.
  • Bill posting.
  • Month/Year End processing.
  • VAT reporting.
  • • User site settings for a tailored individual experience.

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* Figures based on the time saving between Bedrock and a well-known competitor, with an average of 125 police station files opened per month per office. Financial saving has been estimated by the average salary of administrative support staff.
** Figures are based on feedback received from customers, reporting up to 50 emails per day for busier Fee Earners and taking a minute to enter the necessary details per email (into a competitor product). Salary figures use an average administrative salary of £22k, though we recognise that Fee Earners are often expected to do this work.